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3 Ways to Make Fitness Fun!

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Charley Ngonga, Personal Trainer

We all want to be fit and have a great body. But how many of us have joined the gym, but just lack the motivation to go regularly? The key is to make fitness fun, fun, fun! Here are 3 quick and simple tips to keep that motivation going and look forward to your next gym session.

Gym Buddies

gym buddies

Some things are just better with a friend, and exercise and fitness is one of them. Find yourself a gym buddy who share similar fitness goals, someone whose company you enjoy, but will also be a source of motivation on those lazy days.

Music and Mix

gym music

There’s plenty of space in your day to day life for the mundane and for routine, but your fitness routine doesn’t have to be. Fitness can be fun if you mix it up. Don’t do the same exercise week in and week out, try different routines, challenge yourself and enjoy some variety. Music is also a great way to get your hear pumping and your Adrenalin jumping. But as with your exercise routine, change up your exercise playlist. Choose tracks that gets your feet tapping. Add to that variety and try those high paced dance classes like Hip Hop and Zumba.

Group Fitness

group fitness

Herd or mob mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Joining a group fitness class can have an infectiously motivating effect. The grunts and moans and shouts of exhilaration within a group fitness class can help you push yourself even further, but most importantly is is so much fun!

My Key Fitness Messages

The key messages I drive with all my personal training clients are:

  • Activity
  • Variety
  • Moderation
  • Proportionality
  • Personalization
  • Gradual Improvement

So get active, get moving, and have some fitness fun!



Charley Ngonga

Personal Trainer

Charley is a qualified graduate in Sport Management and Sport Science. He has a background in Kick Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and holds a Black Belt in karate. Charley is passionate about health and fitness. A people’s person, he is able to relate to and communicate with all different types of clients. With years of experience in the fitness industry and his extensive knowledge on the use of the equipment at gym facilities is what enables him to help his clients achieve and often times surpass their goals. He is also available for private training in the comfort of your home.

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