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How To Achieve a Flawless ‘No Make-up’ Look

Tasneem Valley Hijab Stylist

Tasneem Vally, Make-up artist and Hijab Stylist

7 September 2016

To achieve a natural flawless ‘no makeup’ look, good skin care is imperative!! Keep skin well hydrated and moisturized using a good moisturiser and hydrating serum, also ensure that skin is well exfoliated at least once a week!

Step 1:

Before any makeup application, apply a good moisturiser and primer. Ensure that the primer is suited for ur exact skin type and condition. Good primers that I have worked with include Smashbox and Loreal infallible primer.

Step 2:

Using a damp beauty blender ‘push’ foundation into the skin. Once u have applied the foundation, use a concealer to blend out blemishes. Your fingers can serve as a good tool as the warmth of your skin blends out concealers much more easily.

no make-up look

Step 3:

Prep the eye area with a good eye base, NYX has affordable eye base pots that really emphasizes any eyeshadow pigment!  Using a blending brush, and a ‘windscreen wiper’ motion, blend out a dark brown shadow across the crease. The corners can be darkened by building up shadow, but remember, it’s all about blending, blending, blending!

no make-up lookno make-up look

Step 4:

Groom brows by using a brow mousse, an easy alternative would be hairspray on an old mascara brush, this will keep brow hairs in shape all day!

no make-up look

Step 5:

Open up the eyes using mascara! Maybelline and Loreal telescopic are 2 of my favourite brands.

no make-up look

Step 6:

Smoke the bottom lash line by taking the same brown eyeshadow and blending it out on the lower lash line.

no make-up look

Step 7:

Use a cream blush to create that ‘pinch me’ look on the apples of the cheeks.

no make-up look

Step 8:

Lastly finish off the look using either a matte or gloss nude lipstick! My favourite local and affordable brands would be Mac, Loreal, and Essence.

no make-up look

The end result:

'no-makeup' look

This look can easily be taken from day to night by adding another layer of mascara and a darker lip!!💋

Tasneem Vally

Beauty Aesthetician, Hijab Stylist

I hope through my blog Hayaa Chic, to inspire, share and reach out to my readers who like me share a common passion for fashion, style, make up, wellness and flare. My blog will serve as a platform for hijab tutorials, outfit inspirations, what’s new and trending, the go to SALES and occasional product reviews. I also have a beauty and laser clinic on the East Rand, Johannesburg and I do make up and styling call outs. This part of my job allows me to create  master pieces on the gorgeous canvas of women that I interact with and work on, on a daily basis. So if ever you are in a wardrobe or makeup dilemma, I am your go to girl for tips and advice on how to create a look that screams ‘hayaachic’

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