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How to make Saf’s Strawberry Semifreddo Ice-Cream Dessert 

safeera kaka

Safeera Kaka, Journalist, Radio Presenter, Foody

30 November 2016

Hands up if you’re counting down the days to the glorious summer holidays? 2016 has been quite a year, but rejoice the end is in sight.

Before we get into January and the whole new-year-new-me, frantically Googling kale recipes, while juggling school timetables drill. Take this opportunity to indulge in the wonderful weather and impending holidays. I’ve chosen a delicious semifreddo recipe to share with you. This ice cream dessert  sounds fancy, but it really isn’t. This will make a wonderful addition to your festive table or an indulgent dessert to serve to guests. Feel free to use fruit of your choice (cherries will be a marvelous substitution).

I chose strawberries because we recently went strawberry picking in the Magalies and got an abundance of sun warmed fruits. Incorporating it into this delicious dessert was the perfect way to showcase the strawberries. The trick to mastering the sabayon for the semifreddo is to play around with the eggs. Don’t keep them on the heat too long and keep a bowl of ice water nearby. If they do happen to curdle don’t stress, a quick blitz with a stick blender will ensure everything is perfect (purists, look away).

Trump, Brexit and state capture be gone, it’s time for dessert.

strawberry semifreddo recipe

Saf’s Strawberry Semifreddo Recipe

4 large eggs separated
100g sugar
1 tub Woolies Double Thick Cream

250g strawberries
60g sugar
1 vanilla pod (seeds scraped)

Line a loaf pan with cling film.
Cook the strawberries with 60g of sugar and the vanilla pod until thickened.
Allow to cool completely.
Add the egg yolks and the 100g sugar to a heat proof glass bowl.

Set it over a pot of barely simmering water and beat with electric beaters until thick ribbons form.
Fold in the cream and stiffly beaten egg whites.
Spoon half the custard into the loaf pan.
Swirl the strawberry coulis over, reserve some for serving.
Top with the remaining custard and freeze overnight.
Invert onto a serving dish and decorate as desired.


Safeera Kaka

Journalist, Radio Presenter, Foody

Safeera Kaka is a journalist and radio presenter at cii Radio. She hosts a magazine show that covers a wide range of health, beauty, parenting, social issues and spiritual topics. She also has a keen interest in the culinary field and regularly shares her cooking adventures on her social media pages.

Chat with her on snapchat! Username: safeerak

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