How To Incorporate Floral Into Fashion In Spring 2016

Alan Foley & Krishen Samuel, #trendmen

22 June 2016

‘Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.’ Says Meryl Streep’s character in the Devil Wears Prada scathingly. While we know that florals for Spring are quite a cliché, there’s a reason they keep coming back: because they work.  We’d like to encourage you to integrate a few florals into your wardrobe this Spring. Floral certainly does not only mean a summery dress; it can be worn in a variety of trendy ways. We’re seeing floral infiltrating street and sportswear scenes as well as other urban domains. Pair a floral item with denim or a solid colour to strike the right balance. If you’re feeling daring, you can combine florals with prints to create a clashing effect…

Floral for Men

For men, incorporating florals can be easy. All you need to do is find a floral print that suits you and decide how much you want to incorporate. Bolder prints, with bigger flower patterns, can be much more tricky to wear. However, mini prints are much easier to wear, as they are not as eye-catching. Go for a more toned-down palette such as blue, to ease into wearing florals. If you are feeling more daring, you can venture into the tropical floral prints, which require some more courage to pull off. A tip is to blend a florals with neutrals and try not to wear too many clashing patterns as it can become rather busy. From a formal perspective, you can certainly liven up a boring old suit: you can do this by starting with a floral shirt (more daring), a floral pocket square or tie (less daring) or even as simple as a patterned floral sock pattern (least daring). Do whatever feels most comfortable to you but try to take a risk this Spring season.


Alan in floral long pants
Krishen in floral shorts

Sporty items are also a good way of incorporating a floral print. Many sports manufacturers such as Adidas have brought some floral prints into their tracksuit jackets to update the look. These can be challenging to wear but the idea is to really have fun with florals and enjoy the frivolous nature of this particular pattern. Stores such as Topshop are combing the traditional Spring florals with street wear. Don’t be afraid to mix urban or sporty items with florals.

We enjoy infusing our Spring outfits with a touch of floral print. This can work for more casual or more formal looks. Alan tends to stick to a more formal look while incorporating touches of floral while Krishen usually opts for a more casual look while also utilizing a floral print.

Alan Foley & Krishen Samuel #trendmen


Alan Foley was born in Durban, and studied design at the Technikon Natal earning a degree in Interior Design. After establishing a presence in the interior design field, a move to Johannesburg saw him become Product Development and PR Manager for the prestigeous fabric house St Leger & Viney. From there he opened his own Interior Design business which has flourished over the past eight years.

Krishen Samuel hails from Johannesburg and studied at UCT qualifying in the field of Speech Language Pathology. He recently co-owned a school titled CARE – The Centre for Autism Research and Education specialising in therapy for autistic children.

Together Alan & Krishen have nurtured their mutual love for fashion into a joint powerhouse brand – well known for their sometimes controversial take on the fashion industry.

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